3 Pop-Ups That Utilised Social Media for Maximum Impact

3 Pop-Ups That Utilised Social Media for Maximum Impact

The number of online-only brands has risen exponentially over the past 10 years, mirroring the rise of social media. These brands have capitalised on the few times they’ve entered the physical market with a pop-up, with social media playing a large role in how they’ve performed.

Hozier @ NYC Subway)

Hozier had the unenviable task of trying to figure out how to market his sophomore album and keep the hype going after the album’s release. His self-titled debut received several accolades and sold brilliantly. The world was watching.

Knowing this, on the 6th of March, he grabbed his backup singers and headed to New York’s Rockefeller subway station and used his most powerful tools - social media and his voice. Doing a pop-up busk that was streamed live on Instagram and shared by Spotify, he stopped the notoriously busy subway patrons in their tracks. His “Take Me To Church” performance has over 10 million views on YouTube and Google Trends shows his search popularity peaked after March 6th (his album dropped on March 1st) with “hozier subway” being a noted breakout trend in that period. The red line in the image marks the date when the pop-up busk happened.


MUNDIAL Magazine is a football quarterly based in England that prides itself on its connection to fans and unique look at the footballing world. They started up as a one-off for the 2014 World Cup and needed to do something special for the 2018 World Cup… so they created Hotel MUNDIAL - a pop-up space in Shoreditch, London to watch World Cup matches, check out the 21 unique covers they made for their summer edition, play FIFA, buy famous shirts and meet the team behind the magazine. Over 10,000 people used Hotel MUNDIAL over the World Cup, with the space being featured in the Evening Standard, the Metro and the LAD Bible, as well as MUNDIAL constantly urging their large Twitter following to attend viewings and to “try the slush”.

Needless to say, we support MUNDIAL now.

Tesla Model S Tour)

Tesla are known for their lack of traditional marketing - they have no billboards, TV spots, radio advertisement, magazine pages telling you about the brilliance of their cars - they have no traditional retail spaces. To get a Tesla, you order online and either have it driven to your door or collect it yourself.

The same applies for test drives - when launching the Model S, Tesla went on a US wide tour to bring the car to the customer through pop-up shops. New York and Santa Barbra, California were two featured locations for the tour, with other major US cities getting visited too, with Twitter especially creating buzz around the tour.. It worked, and orders mounted - from 11,500 cars sold in Q3 2015 to over 17,000 in Q4 2015 after the tour began.

These brands used social media to either inform people of the one-off event, like Hozier’s impromptu live stream or to increase awareness of a recurring event like Tesla’s tour across America or, like Hotel MUNDIAL, something in between. The constant social media buzz from these events allowed traditional media outlets to write about the events and then gain further traction from those media stories.

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