3 Standout Holiday Pop-Up Shops

3 Standout Holiday Pop-Up Shops

The holidays are a busy time for retailers and consumers alike, but a few brands have found a way to provide shoppers an escape from the madness with their pop up shops. Take a look at how these three big brands have created one-of-a-kind experiences for visitors and secured a space in the Holiday Pop Up Shop Hall of Fame.

1. Goop by Gwyneth Paltrow

Actress, author, and mother, Gwyneth Paltrow’s lifestyle brand Goop has become well known for launching posh pop up shops. With plastic keychains, throw pillows, and spices selling for around $200 each, and a simple basket one might use to hold magazines fetching more than $1,000, her wares clearly are not for everyone. Even still, Paltrow has managed to perfect the holiday pop up shop with the introduction of Goop Mrkt in NYC. Through the month of December, Paltrow and her brand invite shoppers into her “home” to shop and discover everything from kitchenware to textiles. Although the maven won’t truly be permitting thousands of visitors to traipse through her real home, Goop Mrkt is uniquely modelled after it, with the hopes of creating nostalgia and inspiring shoppers to share in holiday memories (and of course, purchase a few luxury essentials to make their own).

2. Winter Wonderlab by Google

The Winter Wonderlab was Google’s answer to the Christmastime pop up craze. Showcasing dozens of products across a handful of locations during its run in 2013, the Wonderlab was a unique experience, complete with a life-size snow globe that gave visitors the opportunity to have a real-life snowball fight. Not to miss an easy PR opportunity, Google captured the battles in epic slow-mo fashion and allowed kids (and those experiencing a second childhood) to share their videos on social media. In addition to the personal blizzard and the gadgets, adventurers got to experience demos of new Google products.

3. Winter Wonderland by Target

According to Target, Wonderland is what they imagine Willy Wonka, Dr. Seuss, and Santa Claus would come up with if they were asked to create a Christmas store. Sadly, it was only a test the company ran during the 2015 holiday season, but we can hope the company took something away from the project and will bring it back again soon. In fact, Target is famous for their holiday pop ups, having created many unique shopping experiences in the past. A few years back they built a life-size doll house in Grand Central Station in New York and put a Christmas pop up store on a boat in the Hudson River. The USS Target was the first of its kind. With Wonderland, the company’s goal was to test out a new type of shopper experience; one that removes the shopping cart or basket and frees up the customer’s hands for more important things, like playing with all the toys and gadgets on display or posing for a selfie. Shoppers received necklaces that use a technology called RFID (radio frequency identification), which enabled them to add items to their virtual cart as they explored the shop. At the end of their trip, all of the merchandise dropped out of a chimney, in a grand display that amused even the biggest Grinch.

From zany pop ups like Target’s Wonderland to comfy, high-class luxury like that of Goop Mrkt, a pop up can be anything at all, taking any form. The holidays are the ultimate shopping season, and there are a million concepts that can be incorporated to help brands increase their reach, help build loyalty amongst consumers, and boost sales. Have you got an idea for a holiday pop up shop? There’s still time to select a space and get set up. Stop by Popertee and browse our listings today.