5 Ways to Maintain Your Health While Running Your Pop Up Shop

5 Ways to Maintain Your Health While Running Your Pop Up Shop

Your amazing entrepreneurial mind is the reason why your pop up shop and business will be a success, but it can also be your worst enemy when it comes to self-care. When most people are pondering what theyll do over the weekend, your mind is crunching numbers, planning your next step, considering marketing schemes, and trying to wrap itself around staffing dilemmas. It should be no surprise to you, then, that entrepreneurs are at an increased risk for mental health issues, like depression, anxiety, and addiction. And, while everyone else is resting up at home, youre working 63% more, hunched over your desk, and increasing your risk for heart disease, joint problems, circulation issues, migraines, vision problems, and sleeping disorders.

Lets be real here. You arent taking care of yourself, and deep down, you know that you need to do it in order to keep achieving your goals, but the real question is, How can I stay healthy without sabotaging my career? The good news is, its easier than you think.

1) Sleep at Least 7 Hours

Youve probably heard that you should get a full night of rest, but did you know that your poor sleep habits could actually be costing you money or that you might as well be showing up to work drunk if you havent slept enough? Its true. Back in 2010, researchers crunched numbers on average employees of several companies. They discovered that employees who didnt get enough shuteye cost their employers about USD$2,000 per year in lost productivity. Another study concluded that being awake for 17 hours was about the equivalent of having a 0.05 BAC. Furthermore, another study indicates that having six or fewer hours of sleep on a regular basis is akin to binge drinking, while one released just prior said having too little sleep causes the brain to eat itself. In other words, you arent losing working hours by sleeping more. Youre gaining productivity and maintaining your health. You know how to make it happen. Now you have reasons to make it a priority.

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2) Meditate

Everyone sings the praises of meditation in terms of relaxation and calming anxiety, but when you run a pop up shop, who has time to meditate? You should. But, if you need even more reasons to give it a go, keep in mind that meditation can boost resilience, increase emotional intelligence, enhance creativity, help you focus better, and improve your relationships with others.

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3) Eat Well

Whether youre the type who forgets to eat or you grab unhealthy snacks to help you get through the midday crunch, youre sabotaging your own wellness. You know this, but you keep doing it anyway because its hard to get away. Well, in addition to it hurting your health, you should know your unhealthy eating habits are reducing your productivity by about 20%. To combat this, plan ahead for meals or keep lots of healthy snacks, like fruits and nuts, in your bag, so theyre always available when you need something.

4) Work Exercise into Your Day

You probably like to leap head-first into everything you do, so if you cant commit yourself to a full exercise regimen, you dont do it at all. While a lot of fitness gurus will tell you that you must work out four times a week, the reality is, your body only needs a total of 150 minutes of moderate aerobic activity spread out throughout the week. Thats 30 minutes a day, five days a week. Think about that and be creative with how you work it in. Can you take the stairs? Do squats behind the register? Walk laps around your pop up shop? If youre up for vigorous activity, you only need 75 minutes per week. FYI, impromptu dance parties to celebrate your accomplishments can get you to this goal without any thought, and studies show that celebrating your achievements leads to greater morale, which also improves your productivity. Two birds. One stone. Youre welcome.

5) Take Time Away & Delegate

You know that you need work/ life balance in order to feel good. It reduces your stress, gives you opportunity to recharge, and allows you time with the people you care about. But, if youre wondering how exactly getting away from work can benefit your work, you should know that your productivity tanks if you put in more than 50 hours per week. Taking vacations also improves your performance and increases your overall happiness as well. Plus, productivity goes up. The novelty of new settings makes you more creative, you gain new perspective, your focus improves, and you get more rest. Not sure your employees can handle your absence? They actually need you to delegate. As part of their development and for the sake of their morale, they have to be entrusted with new things. You taking time away is one of the best things you can do for the development of your business. Youve earned a break, now you have even more reasons to take one.

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