Concept Store Trends: Retailers Drive Sales with Garage Venues

Concept Store Trends: Retailers Drive Sales with Garage Venues

We’ve talked about some pretty wild pop up shop venues on our blog in the past, but one of the latest concepts to emerge in Tokyo is not only on the cutting edge, but is also a sign that the concept is here to stay. Whilst most of us look at a parking lot and consider just how close we can park to the lift or entry, a few entrepreneurs are looking at lots and wondering just how close they can park the shops next to the cars.

Check Out Park-Ing

Park-Ing is the brainchild of Hiroshi Fujiwara, a popular DJ. Fujiwara has dabbled in retail before; his last conversion was an unused swimming pool, which he turned into a posh industrial shop. He said he got the idea for the garage when he visited a Chinese restaurant in Ginza and was left a bit awestruck that he could get out of his car and walk straight into the restaurant. He mentioned it on the radio and an exec at Sony caught the show, who then contacted him directly to offer up two floors of their garage to the project. Instead of adding a single store, Fujiwara created a space suitable for several, as well as dining options. Don’t think the venue lowers the value of the offerings one bit, though. A basic branded t-shirt starts at about £65.

The Alchemist Draws a Crowd Too

Park-Ing is not the only garage store, though, nor was it even close to the first. The Alchemist in Miami draws quite a crowd as well. Even though it was designed to be a multipurpose setup, versus simply re purposing space, the Alchemist hosts all kinds of gatherings for the elite, giving celebs a chance to bump elbows and it also tends be a favourite for visiting musicians to launch pop up shops around the time of their arrival. Justin Bieber, the Weeknd, and Kanye West, amongst others, have taken advantage of the retail space.

The City of San Antonio Sponsored a Free Garage Pop Up Shop for Locals

On the other end of the spectrum, officials in one US city got together and came up with a unique way to sponsor entrepreneurship within their community. As part of their “Open” program, San Antonio created a parking garage pop up shop and offered it, as well as a few other vacant venues, free of charge to a handful of small business owners, to help them get a leg up. “The OPEN pop-up shop concept is truly a win-win for all involved,” said Councilman Roberto C. Treviño. “The City is able to provide local entrepreneurs an opportunity to test out their business concepts, and the businesses bring vitality and energy to our urban core.”

Want a Non-Traditional Pop Up Shop?

At Popertee, we offer all types of pop ups shops, from traditional brick-and-mortar establishments through carpark setups, kiosks, and more. We’ve just signed up more car parks all over the country so start getting creative! Drop an email to – we’d love to hear from you.