Get Creative With Your Mall Pop Up Shop In 3 Steps

Get Creative With Your Mall Pop Up Shop In 3 Steps

The dog days of summer are here, but if you’re creating a brand strategy, no doubt you’ve already set your sights on the holidays. December is the Holy Grail of the retail world, with most businesses capturing somewhere between 20% and 30% of their annual sales during this single month. However, you don’t even need to have a retail business to cash in on the busy season; any organisation can benefit. The key is to have a creative strategy to raise brand awareness and position yourself where foot traffic is destined to be. If consumers are headed to the malls, you should be too. Check out these three innovative ways to make use of a mall pop up shop, so you can get the most out of your venture.

1) Integrate Experiential Marketing in your Mall Pop Up Shop to Engage Customers

Experiential marketing offers a wide array of options, limited only by your imagination (and perhaps local laws). The basics include identifying your target audience and giving them an experience that they’ll enjoy and remember. Consider how Colgate recently used a spot at Westfield in London to help generate good will toward its brand. The company pledged to donate £100,000 to Barnardo’s children’s charity, but only on one condition: people had to give them one-million smiles.

Colgate reps surrounded a massive digital billboard, calling out to people as they passed to snap a photo of their smile for the charity. The photos then appeared on the billboard, as well as others throughout the UK. They even integrated the campaign on Facebook. On top of this, participants received free “goodie bags” filled with toothpaste and other cool things.

2) Show People Why Your Brand is Epic with Brand Activation

Brand activation takes experiential marketing a step further. On top of giving your audience a memorable experience, you also use it as an opportunity to show them what your products can do. For example, beauty brands often run campaigns that show how everyone is beautiful. You might do this and give people a chance to see your product in use or try it out. Fashion brands, particularly those that offer plus sizes, love to show that women of every size are gorgeous. Perhaps a clothing maker might host a day of body positivity, topped off with a fashion show that includes real women from the audience showing off pieces from their latest collection.

In the not-too-distant past, the cheesemaker Laughing Cow also took advantage of mall pop up shop to promote its Mini Cravings. The company procured a handful of things people crave as selected by influential bloggers, such as a Keurig coffeemaker, and offered entries into a raffle for those who stopped into their photo booth and shared images on social media. Then, they were invited to enjoy samples of the new product line.

3) Create a Cult Following with a Concept Store

Does your brand or a particular product call out to a very specific audience? If so, a concept store as a pop up may help you develop a unique bond with your ideal select few. Concept stores may include offerings from multiple brands that share an audience or focus on a single item or line from a single brand. For example, London was home to a beach-themed pop up shop for a period of time. Roughly a dozen brands banded together to showcase their sunny bohemian wares. There were various offerings in clothing, from dresses to flip-flops, home goods from candles to throw pillows, and more.

The luxury brand Gucci has also launched concept pop up shops, with a focus on its Flora Knight line. Although Gucci is known for many high-quality goods, including handbags and perfume, this particular line is highly unique. At a glance, it appears to be a classic flower motif. A keen eye, however, will know that there’s symbolism behind each flower choice. “I researched Ancient Pagan Rome and chose plants from this time that women used to command power over men,” says artist Kris Knight. “Whether it was for healing, seduction, or poisoning.” Indeed, by carrying only this selection in the pop up shop, and lavishly draping the exterior of the store in the print, Gucci managed to seduce countless people into learning more about their iconic brand and the new line.

Begin Developing Your Brand with a Mall Pop Up Shop Today

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