How To Open A Pop-Up Shop

How To Open A Pop-Up Shop

You’ve decided to take the leap to run a pop-up shop - our totally unbiased sources recommend using to make things easier. This guide is here to help you make the journey from your concept to choosing a location and actualising your project.

The Set Up:

You know what you want to do with your pop-up, now to plan your space for it. Think about the overall size of the space, how the space will be decorated and where products will be stored. You don’t want to fall into the trap of cramping a space with products resulting in a disorganised look: if someone has seen everything in the store at first glance why would they stay?

Creating an aesthetically pleasing pop-up shop can result in a higher dwell time. You could estimate how successfully people engaged with the pop up, but it can also be measured accurately with Popertee’s Measure Device. Not only can this measure device give you accuracy on dwell time, but it can also give you stats on return visits, gender profiles and age breakdowns.


What products you sell can dictate the space available to you based on the product’s size, the quantity of the product and the target audience. If you sell something small, like vape pens, then you have the option to run a small pop-up like a kiosk or table space to a full sized retail unit, while a car brand would have to use a large retail unit like the one we provided Volvo in the Dundrum Town Centre. The combination of your creativity, your product, your space and your locating is the defining factor of a successful pop up.


As is the case with all business decisions, return on investment should take precedence and a pop-up shop is no different. Leasing, fitting, and furnishing the pop-up space are all early stage costs. Following that, the cost of paying short term pop-up staff, marketing the store and transporting stocks in and out varies on the length and success of the pop-up. If running a medium or longer termed retail project, consider the payment processes and the costs that they will incur, as well as overheads such as electricity and wifi costs (if you choose to use wifi) and insurance.

Getting the Word Out:

A savvy brand can capitalise on being in a new location and new market with a pop-up shop - a well designed space will get people’s attention. Coupled with residents’ curiosity at seeing a new retail spot and the power of word of mouth will result in piqued short term interest - but what about medium to long term retail activations?

You’ll need to market your pop-up space - the power of word of mouth is small and mighty, but not enough to rely on. To accentuate this power, one tactic you can use is to create hype about the pop-up by teasing out information about it, slowly releasing delicious details like the location or the dates of the event.

It’s important to keep the excitement going by consistent sharing on social media to inform a steady stream of people in the medium term. Don’t rule out physical marketing either - posters and flyers and even men on the ground can reach an audience you may not get on social media, and vice-versa.

Where & When:

The timing of your pop-up is vital - seasonal shops are expected at peak periods such as Christmas and Summer, but other holidays are worth planning around too. People often forget that Easter is a very good time for food brands - schools are out, meaning a young audience is available, chocolate is at the forefront of people’s thoughts and coupled with the annual upturn in weather can result in the perfect time for a pop-up.

Don’t neglect where you’re located - there’s no point timing a brilliantly designed space in an area where nobody spends time or an area that doesn’t contain your target market, unless you have a very loyal audience who will go out of their way to find your pop-up. This means most of your customers will be people passing by who you have one chance to impress.

Popping up in a heavy footfall area is what most people choose to do in the hopes that their target audience is in the mix. Popertee Discover Platform enables you to cut out the second guessing and select a location more accurately, allowing you unhindered communication with your target audience.

By offering smart data on London audiences to help you locate your perfect audience, Popertee can not only tell you where to pop-up, but can present you with footfall statistics.

If all this seems like too much to handle at once, Popertee is here to help! We provide spaces across Ireland and the UK for you to pop up in. Are you willing to take the jump, do you dare to open your own pop up store? Head to our blog to get more advice about creating a pop-up space.