Top 4 Reasons Why a Film or TV Brand Should Pop-up

Top 4 Reasons Why a Film or TV Brand Should Pop-up

Pop up shops have become incredibly pop-ular for all sorts of businesses. Naturally, we see the trend growing with retail and our blog also covered how some groups have used them for social experiments or to boost awareness of a social cause. Lately, the TV and film industries are getting in on pop up shops, and with simply “magical” results.

1. It Breathes New Life into Your Brand

Muggles and non-muggles alike are delighting in the MinaLima pop up shop which is open in London. It is being operated by the very artists who created the artwork for the Harry Potter series and hosts everything from paintings to stationary and even Hogwarts acceptance letters.

Artist Miraphora Mina explains that the shop is intended to capture the imaginations of those who grew up with Harry Potter and allow them to incorporate the magic into their adult lives a bit through grown-up home décor.

2. You’ll Receive Organic Social Media Coverage

When Central Perk recently emerged in New York to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the TV show “Friends,” visitors were ecstatic that designers paid so much attention to detail that they felt as if they’d been transported to the set. “The iconic orange couch Monica, Chandler, Phoebe, Ross, Joey and Rachael sat on!” one Yelper gushed in a snapshot he posted to the review platform. Overall, people gave it a fantastic rating, despite some having to stand in line for four hours. Bear in mind, these were average people hyping the place up on their own personal social accounts. You can’t pay for that kind of advertising.

3. It’s an Opportunity for Free Media Coverage

Anytime you can cash in on free advertising, it’s worthwhile. Social media is one platform, but media outlets often pick up stories about pop up shops as well. Take for example, the “Saved By the Bell” pop up shop in Chicago. It presently boasts “about 69,100 results” in Google’s news listings alone. The one-day diner will be called “Saved By the Max,” according to the Chicago Tribune, and will feature a visit from Dennis Haskins AKA Mr. Belding.

4. You Can Create Loyalty and Goodwill

It’s no secret that, in marketing, when you can make consumers feel good about using your product or being associated with your brand, they become more loyal to you. As TV shows remain on the air for a period of time, interest in them often wanes, so finding unique ways to bring people back season after season is paramount. This might be easy for someone like Oprah Winfrey to do, with her expensive on-air giveaways, but what’s a show about entrails-hungry zombies supposed to do? Fox’s Portugal marketing team came up with a wickedly cool idea. They opened up a pop up shop and made people pay for their purchases in blood. It sounds dark, but the group actually increased blood donations by a whopping 571% and fans earned merchandise based on how much they were willing to donate. They nailed it! Not only did this get a whole lot of free press in the media and by word-of- mouth (all that Walking Dead merchandise floating around didn’t hurt either), but it helped fans associate their brand with a noble cause… you know, besides eradicating the world of zombies and saving humanity.

When viewers get to experience your program in real life, it’s an immersive, awe-inspiring thing. There are so many concepts for big screen brands to integrate that the visit will be a unique experience for your viewers that stays with them for life. If your brand would like to pop up and excite viewers, take a look at all the short-term commercial spaces Popertee has to offer. We’re also adding new stock daily, so drop us a line if you’ve got a space you’d like to sublet as well.