First things first...

What is Popertee?

Popertee is an online marketplace connecting brands with spaces. Our website offers you a selection of spaces that your business or brand can book directly with us allowing them to quickly and easily have a physical “pop-up” presence.

Why would my business use Popertee?

Popertee is working directly with property owners and managers giving you access to a great list of spaces available to book immediately. Any size business from the smallest start up through to global international brands can use Popertee to view spaces, find out more details on them and book them through our platform. We work with partners to ensure we can support in your marketing, fit-out and insurance needs if necessary.

Ok so I like the sound of Popertee but why would my business want to pop-up?

We have a huge variety of enquiries for why businesses are looking to pop-up - it could be a product launch, to test a new market, for an experimental marketing campaign, a start-up looking to test their product in a physical location, an online brand dipping their toes in bricks and mortar. The face of retail is changing and Popertee wants to be at the forefront of this by allowing businesses to be creative when looking for a space.

Where can I find a Popertee?

Popertee currently has spaces available to pop up in across Ireland. We will start to offer spaces in London later in the year and expand through the UK after this. Go to ‘Search Popertees’ to view our available spaces.

What is the max/min time of rental?

The property owner can specify minimum and maximum rental periods for a particular property. Generally, you can avail of a pop-up space anywhere from 1 day to 2 years.

There's no properties in my desired location, can you help?

Sure, if you can’t find what you are looking for drop us a mail at We’d be delighted to hear from you.


Once we've played matchmaker to a brand and a landlord, we'll send details of the payment required from the brand (including Popertee's 5% brand fee). Once payment is processed, the Popertee landlord fee (10%) will be deducted from the amount, and the rental fee will be transferred to the landlord. Quick and simple!


Looking for a space?

How do I find the right popertee?

Go to ‘Search Popertees’ and filter by location or type of space. Click on a popertee you are interested in to view full details. If you can’t find what you are looking for we are happy to help at

How do I book my desired place?

When you have found a space that suits you, click Enquire Now and complete the form. We’ll get back to you within 24 hours to get your space booked.

How can I get more info on a place I’m interested in?

From the ‘Search Popertees’ screen, click on the space that interests you and further details will be displayed. If you need more information drop us a mail at or click Enquire Now.

Want to list your vacant space?

How do I list a space?

Go to ‘List Your Space’ on our site and fill in the form providing as much information as possible to highlight the best qualities or your space and location.

Do I need to provide photos?

We recommend you provide Popertee with photos of your space. This will showcase the space and location. Once we receive details of the space you want to list, we will get back to you and let you know details on photos needed.

What condition does the space need to be in?

The space needs to be safe, clean and in a usable state. The business taking up the space will fit it out themselves but the property must be in a workable and safe state.

Will long-term rental prospects be affected?

No. Popertee is not an exclusive service. You can list your property on as many platforms as you wish. If you have entered into a licence agreement with a business through the Popertee platform you are not permitted to allow a long-term rental to begin until this licence agreement term is complete.

Who is responsible for damages incurred on my property?

We have a licence agreement that will cover your property to save you on legal fees. We of course allow you to use your own if available.

Legal Stuff

Do I pay VAT?

Some properties are subject to VAT. The property owner will inform you of this when negotiating the licence.

Am I covered by insurance?

It’s up to the business owner to ensure they are covered by insurance for the duration of the time they are popping up. Popertee can provide you with details of our recommended Insurance partner.

Do I need a solicitor?

Popertee will provide a generic Licence Agreement for the pop up space. It is the responsibility of the property owner and business to ensure they are happy with the content of the agreement and that it meets their needs. Popertee do not provide any legal advice.

Are rates negotiable?

Yes, most property owners are open to negotiation on the rate.

When is my booking confirmed?

Your space is confirmed once the agreed funds have been received and the Licence Agreement and User Agreement has been signed.

Is there a guaranteed footfall?

Our team will inform you as best as possible with spaces and expected footfall. There is no guarantee and Popertee recommends you do your own research to ensure you book a space that best suits your needs.


Do I fit out the store myself?

We work with partners who can help you with the fit-out if needed. Please contact us directly and we can share more details.

How long do I have to fit out the space?

Each space has different requirements and each space depends on the other bookings it might have. Please talk to us directly about this.

What alterations can I make to the space?

Usually a space owner will want the space left the way it was handed over to you. When you contact us for each space, we can share details with you.

Who pays for the fit out of the space?

The business or brand booking the space pays for the fit-out if so needed.

Who is responsible for fixing the lightbulbs etc in my pop-up shop?

The property owner or manager is responsible for the minimum requirements to the space as outlined in their listing. Most will have lighting working and it is their responsibility to make sure the lightbulbs all work.

Can I play music in my pop-up shop?

This is case by case dependent on each of the spaces.

Can I serve/cook food in my pop up?

This is case by case dependent on each of the spaces.

Can I serve alcohol?

This is case by case dependent on each of the spaces.

Do you advertise my pop up?

We don’t advertise your pop-up for you but we do from time to time share stories of customers through our social media channels.


Who is responsible for the space?

It is the responsibility of the brand who have booked the space to manage it for the duration of their booking.

Am I responsible for insurance?

The brand booking the space is expected to take out their own insurance policy. We work with a partner to offer you a competitive price if needed. Please enquire with us directly.

Who is responsible for clean-up after a tenant?

The brand booking the space is expected to leave the space as they received it.


I'm still not sure, what can I do?

Drop us a mail to

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